Training Course

Understanding autism for managers

18 September 2019, London

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About the course

This half-day training course will give you a greater understanding of autism (including Asperger syndrome) and increase your confidence in your ability to manage your employee with autism effectively.

Through group exercises and materials you will learn more about autism as well as the correct phrases and terminology. You will have the opportunity to meet other managers of employees with autism and discuss the different ways autism can affect somebody in the workplace. The training will identify management strategies that can help to prevent or address any issues in the workplace.


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Shauna Fleming E: T: +44 (0) 141 285 7117 option 2, then option 1

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National Autistic Society Training Courses
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Key topics

Some of the key topics this training will cover:

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  • increase your understanding of autism and its impact on someone in the workplace
  • discuss current issues or concerns relating to your employee with autism
  • increase your confidence in managing your employee with autism

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  • learn how to design and implement appropriate management strategies
  • clarify the concept of reasonable adjustments and the Equality Act 2010.

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Lorraine MacAlister

An Autism Training Consultant for the National Autistic Society, Lorraine is passionate about increasing understanding of autism.

She has delivered a variety of autism training to a range of audiences in the UK and internationally, lectured on autism at a variety of UK Universities and has spoken at several conferences on autism and related subjects.

Lorraine has developed a range of materials and resources for the National Autistic Society, including a programme for parents of autistic teenagers and being one of the content writers for an online training module on autism in women and girls.

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The course will be held at The National Autistic Society in London.

393 City Road

The London office is at the Islington end of City Road, on the north side of the street. Turn left on leaving Angel Underground station and take the first road on the left. The National Autistic Society is approximately three minutes' walk from the Underground.

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National Autistic Society training venue and location
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Why Attend?

  • Increase your understanding of autism and its impact on someone in the workplace.  
  • Increase your confidence in managing your employee with autism.
  • To discuss current issues or concerns relating to your employee with autism.


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Course Fee £249 + VAT

This includes:

  • training materials
  • certificate of attendance
  • refreshments.

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Who should attend?

This course is suitable for managers, supervisors, HR staff and workplace mentors.


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Amazing delivery

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