Training Course

Social Stories

15 November 2019, Birmingham

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About the course


This one-day workshop is delivered by Dr Siobhan Timmins, Certified Social Stories Trainer, and aims to support people in understanding how to develop and use Social Stories™.

Using lecture, discussion, demonstration, and a series of very short, fun, and informative activities, participants will gain an updated understanding of what a Social Story is (and what it is not), and learn how to develop a Social Story (or Social Article for adults) according to the current Social Stories 10.2 criteria. You will also leave equipped with new Social Story topics and strategies to make Social Stories work harder and longer for each person on the autism spectrum from first steps through to adulthood.

This training uses the most up to date official Social Story 10.2 presentation and handout materials, as well as real life examples of successful Stories, written for children and young adults in the UK both in special education and mainstream schools and colleges.



Shauna Fleming E: T: +44 (0) 300 303 4313

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National Autistic Society Training Courses
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Course overview

This workshop will include the new 10.2 Social Story criteria:

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  • introduce a newly revised definition of Social Stories ™
  • are based on a shorter albeit expanded rationale that includes new context theory
  • reflect new research and the most current experience with the Social Story ™ approach
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  • include new ideas, detail and increased support for those who write Social Stories, saving time as a Story is developed and maximizing the likelihood of a positive Story outcome.

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Dr Siobhan Timmins has been writing Social Stories™ for 22 years and has over 10 years’ experience in teaching social understanding in autism to parents and professionals. She has been a Carol Gray certified trainer in Social Stories since 2011, establishing the Social Stories Satellite Service for Essex at Market Field School where she is an Associate Specialist. She regularly delivers training in social understanding in autism for parents and professionals as well as presenting workshops in Social Stories for schools and other organisations. Siobhan is the mother of a 25-year-old young man on the autism spectrum and the author of a series of published books of successful Social Stories.
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The course will be held at Birmingham City Football Club in Birmingham.

St Andrew's Stadium
B9 4RL


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National Autistic Society training venue and location
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Why Attend?

Dr Siobhan Timmins has a wealth of experience in developing Social Stories and this is a fantastic opportunity to learn about Social Stories from an Author who is fully endorsed by Carol Gray herself.


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Course Fee £185 + VAT

This includes:

  • training booklet and information provided for each delegate
  • signposting to relevant literature and resources
  • Social Stories 10.2 Certificate
  • lunch and refreshments.

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Who should attend?

This workshop is for those who are working on behalf of one or more autistic children, adolescents, or adults.

If new to the approach, participants will discover the ever-expanding versatility and value of this incredible instructional strategy. For those already familiar with Social Stories, this workshop will update their understanding and improve their Story writing skills. Participants who complete the workshop will receive a Social Stories 10.2 Certificate.

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Excellent course, presenter! It will change and improve my work.

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