Training Course

Sensory considerations

20 February 2020, Edinburgh

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About the course


This one-day course will support delegates to try and understand more about the sensory world of people on the autism spectrum. Exploring the sensory systems and sensory processing, potential differences in autism will be discussed, and the impact these may have on daily life and behaviour. Delegates will be supported to be more confident in identifying and making changes to practice which will positively support the sensory needs of people on the autism spectrum.



Shauna Fleming E: T: +44 (0) 300 303 4313

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National Autistic Society Training Courses
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Key topics

Some of the key topics this course will cover include:

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  • The sensory world of autistic people
  • Sensory systems and sensory processing
  • How individuals are affected
  • Impacts on daily life
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  • Behaviour and sensory sensitivities
  • The evidence base: what does research tell us?
  • Sensory strategies
  • Direct interventions and environmental strategies.
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Lorraine is an Autism Training Consultant who has worked with autistic people and their families throughout her career and is passionate about increasing understanding of autism. Joining The National Autistic Society in 2005, Lorraine has delivered a variety of autism training to both professionals and families, covering a range of topics including sensory differences, continence, sexuality and women and girls. She has lectured on autism at a variety of UK Universities and has spoken at several conferences on autism and related subjects.

Her publications include Toilet Training and the Autism Spectrum: A Guide for Professionals (2016) with Dr Eve Fleming, Toileting problems in children with autism (2014) in The Nursing Times, and the NAS Teen Life workbook. Lorraine developed the new NAS Teen Life parent support programme and accompanying Licensed User Training, and has written a variety of articles on Network Autism, covering topics such as catastrophising and toileting difficulties.

Lorraine’s most recent project is as one of the content writers for the NAS’s newest online training module on autism in women and girls, which launched in March 2018.

“My favourite part of the job is the opportunities I get to constantly learn more about autism, often from autistic people themselves, and to share that knowledge with those who come on my training”.

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The course will be held at Jurys Inn in Edinburgh.

43 Jeffrey Street


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National Autistic Society training venue and location
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Why Attend?

This one-day course gives you a complete overview of sensory issues, information you can trust, and strategies that National Autistic Society professionals use successfully in their own work.

  • You’ll meet fellow practitioners and work with a National Autistic Society trainer with many years’ experience of supporting autistic people. 
  • On completion of the course you can join Network Autism, our online professionals’ forum.


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Course Fee £185 + VAT

This includes:

  • training booklet and information provided for each delegate
  • opportunity to hear autistic perspectives; this may be through films, quotes from autistic people or the inclusion of a speaker by experience
  • signposting to relevant literature and resources
  • certificate of attendance
  • lunch and refreshments.

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Who should attend?

Anyone who would like to know more about autism and sensory issues will find this course useful. You’ll need an understanding of autism before you attend the course.

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Fantastic session with a wide variety of information, resources and activities, I can use to support pupils/families.

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To secure your place register now to avoid disappointment.

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