Autism and Adulthood Conference 2019

26 June 2019, London

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About the event

Autism & Adulthood Conference - London

This brand new one-day conference explores essential themes relating to autism and adulthood – employment, ageing, health and wellbeing, relationships, and more.

All too often, the focus of autism service provision, research, and resources is on children and young people. Autistic adults commonly find sustaining employment a challenge, face mental health issues, and cannot access appropriate support. This conference will focus on some of the more challenging aspects of adulthood, and will offer personal insight, expertise and best-practise in supporting autistic adults.

Conference & Events Team E: T: +44 (0) 115 911 3367

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autism and adulthood conference
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Key topics

Some of the key topics this conference will cover include:

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  • Autism
  • Employment
  • Ageing
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  • Adulthood
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Relationships
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Confirmed Speakers

We have gathered together some of the most highly respected professionals in the industry to discuss the role in scaling companies in today's environment. Among our esteemed speakers and panelists are:

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Why Attend?  

  • Hear the UK’s leading experts provide insights into strategies to support autistic people.  
  • Be inspired by first-hand accounts of the unique issues that affect autistic people and what you can do to help.
  • Learn practical strategies for adapting your practice and improve how you deliver support.
  • Discover new ways of enabling autistic people to get their voice and choices heard.
  • Meet and network with other professionals and experts in the field.
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Who should attend?

  • Professionals with a focus on supporting autistic adults, including those working in:
    • social services
    • residential services
    • outreach
    • employment
    • mental health
    • universities
    • secondary school/further education 
  • Autistic people, their family/carers/friends
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Early Bird Rate (Limited Availability) £195 + VAT
Standard Rate £225 + VAT
Members Rate £175 + VAT
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Autistic Individuals / Parents / Carers £95 + VAT
Exhibitors £295 + VAT
Additional Exhibitor Pass £175 + VAT
Please call 0115 911 3367 or email before proceeding to book the autistic individuals rate or members rate, in order to gain a link for these rates. These rates are for the above noted who will personally be paying for their place and not via an organisation or for those with a valid membership number.
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What an inspiration, personally and professionally! I have so many new ideas ready to use and apply!

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