Autism & Adulthood Conference 2019

26 June 2019, London

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About the event

Autism & Adulthood Conference - London

This brand new one-day conference explores essential themes relating to autism and adulthood – employment, ageing, health and wellbeing, relationships, and more.

All too often, the focus of autism service provision, research, and resources is on children and young people. Autistic adults commonly find sustaining employment a challenge, face mental health issues, and cannot access appropriate support. This conference will focus on some of the more challenging aspects of adulthood, and will offer personal insight, expertise and best-practise in supporting autistic adults.

Conference & Events Team E: T: +44 (0) 115 911 3367

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autism and adulthood conference
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Key topics

Some of the key topics this conference will cover include:

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  • Autism
  • Employment
  • Ageing
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  • Adulthood
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Relationships
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Speakers & Programme - Coming Soon

We will be announcing the programme very soon, along with a range of speakers.  Why not take advantage of the limited Early Bird Rate and book now or check back for more details to come.

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Why Attend?  

  • Hear the UK’s leading experts provide insights into strategies to support autistic people.  
  • Be inspired by first-hand accounts of the unique issues that affect autistic people and what you can do to help.
  • Learn practical strategies for adapting your practice and improve how you deliver support.
  • Discover new ways of enabling autistic people to get their voice and choices heard.
  • Meet and network with other professionals and experts in the field.
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Early Bird Rate (Limited Availability) £195 + VAT
Standard Rate £225 + VAT
Members Rate £175 + VAT
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Autistic Individuals / Parents / Carers £95 + VAT
Exhibitors £295 + VAT
Additional Exhibitor Pass £175 + VAT
Please call 0115 911 3367 or email before proceeding to book the autistic individuals rate or members rate, in order to gain a link for these rates. These rates are for the above noted who will personally be paying for their place and not via an organisation or for those with a valid membership number.
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What an inspiration, personally and professionally! I have so many new ideas ready to use and apply!

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Register now to avoid disappointment, our Early Bird Rate is limited.

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