Forensic Psychologist in Training
University of Nottingham
Omer Linenberg is a Forensic Psychologist in Training with the University of Nottingham. Her previous research includes work on emotion recognition in people with sub-clinical Autistic traits, and more recently on the forensic aspects of Pathological Demand Avoidance, supervised by Professor Vincent Egan. Her research and clinical interest in Autism started as an undergraduate in Art & Psychology at the University of Reading, and expanded into Pathological Demand Avoidance at the beginning of her forensic training.

Clinically, Omer has worked with a variety of populations (both adults and children) in multiple settings (forensic, clinical, and educational). These included work with children with special educational needs and young people in the Youth Offending Services. These have both been instrumental in shaping her wish to continue her clinical work and research with people diagnosed with Autism and Pathological Demand Avoidance.

Omer’s long-standing interest in the arts has partially influenced the research she is presenting at the conference this year.