Women and Girls Conference 2019

11 September 2019, Edinburgh

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About the event

Women & Girls Conference - Edinburgh

Autism is an overwhelmingly male diagnosis – it has even been described as the extreme male brain. Is this why so few diagnoses relate to women and girls? Or is it that they’re better than their male counterparts at adapting to social situations, or at hiding their differences?

At this conference, we will bring together experts in this field – researchers, practitioners, and autistic women themselves – to explore these issues, share their most recent findings, and give tips on the latest best practice.

Conference & Events Team E: conference@nas.org.uk T: +44 (0) 115 911 3367

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Autism, Women and Girls conference
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Key topics

Some of the key topics this conference will cover include:

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  • diagnosis of autistic girls and women
  • girls’ education – teaching social skills and communication
  • anxiety, and useful coping strategies
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Speakers & Programme - Coming Soon

We will be announcing the programme very soon, along with a range of speakers.  Why not take advantage of the limited Early Bird Rate and book now or check back for more details to come.

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Why Attend?  

  • Hear the UK’s leading experts provide insights into strategies to support autistic people.  
  • Be inspired by first-hand accounts of the unique issues that affect autistic people and what you can do to help.
  • Learn practical strategies for adapting your practice and improve how you deliver support.
  • Discover new ways of enabling autistic people to get their voice and choices heard.
  • Meet and network with other professionals and experts in the field.
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Early Bird Rate (Limited Availability) £195 + VAT
Standard Rate £225 + VAT
Members Rate £175 + VAT
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Autistic Individuals / Parents / Carers £95 + VAT
Exhibitors £295 + VAT
Additional Exhibitor Pass £175 + VAT
Please call 0115 911 3367 or email conference@nas.org.uk before proceeding to book the autistic individuals rate or members rate, in order to gain a link for these rates. These rates are for the above noted who will personally be paying for their place and not via an organisation or for those with a valid membership number.
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What an inspiration, personally and professionally! I have so many new ideas ready to use and apply!

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Autism access information

Please see below for details about the specific accessibility arrangements we have made for autistic delegates at the conference. If you have a specific requirement that is not listed, please contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Registration and site familiarisation

Registration is often a busy time, so autistic delegates will have the opportunity to register between 8.00 am and 8.30 am on the morning of the conference to avoid queuing.

Interaction badges

You can request these when you register or at any other time during the conference. These allow you to indicate how you would like to interact with other delegates. We will ask other delegates to respect the badges, but please be aware that we cannot enforce this.

Quiet room

There will be a quiet room available throughout the conference. There will be signs to show you the way. If you think you might need the quiet room during the day, you can ask a member of staff to show you where it is so that you can find it more easily when you need it.

Quiet lunch space

There will be refreshments and lunch available in the quiet room so that autistic delegates can have refreshments and lunch in a less crowded environment if they wish. If you would like to know what the menu is in advance, please contact us to ask.

Seating and reservation signs

We will have seats reserved for autistic delegates, if you don’t like to be near people or need to be able to get out easily. You can choose to sit in these or any other available seat. Reservation signs will be available if you need to reserve a particular chair to sit in or if you need to be able to leave your chair and come back to it later. You can request these when you register or at any other time during the conference.


If you prefer not to ask questions aloud, you can leave written questions in advance of the session and we will pass them onto the Chairperson or the session speaker. We cannot guarantee that they will select your question to answer, however. Please leave your written questions at the registration desk at least 1 hour prior to the applicable session.